Best Little Ollie Dwarf Olive Tree: The Perfect Addition to Your Home

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance houseplant that can add beauty and elegance to your home, then the Little Ollie Dwarf Olive Tree is an excellent choice. This popular indoor plant is not only visually appealing but also offers a range of health benefits, including air purification and stress relief. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Little Ollie Dwarf Olive Tree and everything you need to know about caring for it.

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Deep Green Leaves & Drought Tolerance on Dwarf Form

Why Dwarf Olive Trees?

Deep green tones plus silvery pops on a dwarf silhouette make this Olive Tree second to none. And because dry, arid conditions and heat are no match for the Little Ollie Dwarf Olive Tree, you can grow it indoors or outdoors, even in tough conditions.

It’s drought-tolerant after itas established, so you won’t have to water it often. This non-fruiting variety will flourish in your landscape, whether itas used as an attractive formal hedge or specimen in your front yard. Plus, it looks great in topiary form, trained as a single tree in tighter spaces, or potted up in a container.

Why is Better

But the best part? Your Dwarf Oliveas ease and durable growth. It’s a proven performer because itas been planted, monitored and shipped with best results in mind. Our expert horticulturists and plant specialists have hand-selected this manageable, must-have Olive Tree for your homescape.

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Now you reap the rewards of healthy, happy results, effortlesslya??no matter where your Dwarf Olive Tree is planted. Donat wait a?? get your own Little Ollie Dwarf Olive Tree today!

Planting & Care

1. Planting: Select a location with well-drained soil and full sun a?? any area with approximately 6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day is perfect.

When youare ready to plant your Dwarf Olive Tree, dig a hole thatas about one and a half to two times the size of your plantas root ball, place the tree in the hole, backfill the soil and water to settle the roots. If youare container planting your Dwarf Olive, simply select a container thatas twice the size of the treeas root ball and follow in-ground instructions from there. Containers should also have drainage holes.

2. Watering: Once established, your Dwarf Olive is drought tolerant, but itas important to have a regular watering schedule for the first few growing seasons. Water about once weekly or more often in extreme heat and check the surrounding soila??if the surrounding soil is dry 2 or 3 inches down, itas time to water your plant. Reduce watering frequency once your plant is established but continue to water container-planted Dwarf Olives regularly.

3. Fertilizing: Feed your Dwarf Olive with a general-purpose fertilizer before new growth begins in the spring.

4. Pruning: Remove any old or damaged foliage, or damaged branching, and prune your tree during winter.


How much should I water?

Once a week

The Little Ollie Dwarf Olive Tree comes in different sizes like, 5 Gallon.

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Consider Your Space

Before selecting a plant, consider the amount of space you have available in your home garden. Some plants require a lot of space to grow, while others are better suited for smaller areas. If you have limited space, consider plants that can be grown in containers, such as herbs or small flowers.

Climate and Soil

Different plants have different climate and soil requirements. Before selecting a plant, research its specific needs and ensure that they are compatible with your area’s climate and soil type. This will ensure that your plant thrives and produces healthy growth.

Sun Exposure

Plants require varying degrees of sunlight exposure to grow. Some plants require full sun exposure, while others prefer partial or full shade. Consider the amount of sun exposure your home garden receives throughout the day and select plants that are compatible with that level of sun exposure.

Watering Needs

Watering needs vary among plants, and it is essential to select plants that require similar levels of watering. Overwatering or underwatering can cause plants to wither and die. Consider your ability to water your plants and choose plants that require similar levels of watering to ensure their health.


Some plants require more maintenance than others. Consider the amount of time and effort you are willing to invest in maintaining your plants. If you have limited time or are new to gardening, choose plants that are low-maintenance and easy to care for.

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Popular Plants for Home Gardens

There are many popular plants that are well-suited for home gardens. Here are a few examples:


Herbs are a great choice for home gardens, as they are easy to grow and require minimal maintenance. Some popular herbs include basil, thyme, and rosemary.


Flowers are a popular choice for home gardens, as they add color and vibrancy to outdoor spaces. Some popular flower choices include petunias, marigolds, and zinnias.


Growing vegetables in a home garden is a great way to enjoy fresh produce and reduce your carbon footprint. Popular vegetable choices include tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers.


Selecting the right plant for your home garden can be challenging, but by considering your space, climate and soil, sun exposure, watering needs, and maintenance requirements, you can make an informed decision. With so many plant options available, you are sure to find the perfect plant to add beauty and vitality to your outdoor space.

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