Gardening: There are many benefits of growing vegetables by yourself. Gardening Tips For New Starter

Many people like gardening at kitchen, and it’s easy to understand why. Growing your own flowers, herbs, and veggies may be a fulfilling activity that makes you feel accomplished and satisfied. There are many tips and methods to help you get the most out of your gardening efforts, whether you are an experienced gardener or are just getting started. We’ll provide you some useful home gardening information in this post to get you started on your gardening adventure. These suggestions can assist you in quickly growing a wholesome and fruitful garden, from picking the ideal area to harvesting your plants at the ideal moment.

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    do gardening from today itselfdo gardening from today itself

    A large part of the vegetables available in the market are grown with the use of chemical pesticides, due to which it reaches our plate with less nutrition and harmful substances. Chemical fruits and vegetables cause a lot of damage to the environment.

    There is an easy solution to this problem – grow your own vegetables. It will certainly take a lot of dedication, time and effort, but the experience will be different when you eat fresh vegetables grown in your own garden. They will be free from chemicals and full of nutrition.

    Home grown vegetables taste better

    Fruits and vegetables sold in stores are produced through commercial farming and unnatural methods for longer shelf life, while home grown vegetables may have a shorter shelf life but are comparable to store-bought vegetables. Rich in more nutrients and better in taste.

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    Less cost

    Although it will take more time to grow vegetables and fruits at home, but they can be grown at a lower cost than the vegetables available in the market and the time and money spent in going to the market will not be spent.

    pesticide free crops

    If you are worried about the adverse effects of pesticides on your mental and physical health, then you can get rid of it with home grown vegetables and fruits. Since you will be growing these on a small scale, you can prevent pest infestations without using pesticides.

    Exercise with gardening

    There is always a need to be active in growing and taking care of fruits and vegetables in your garden. So from planting to weeding and harvesting, you will spend hours doing exercises, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

    get the kids involved

    Growing your own vegetables is a great way for you to bond with your kids and engage them in physical activity that teaches them how to take care of plants and also teaches them about the process of photosynthesis.

    improve mental health

    Gardening is a great way to deal with anxiety and stress in general, while also adding to your daily exercise. Also, when people successfully grow a seed into a mature plant, it gives them a sense of accomplishment, which brings happiness. Gardening is not a difficult task anymore because with the internet all the information is easily available to us. Gardening can not only help people connect with nature but can also help them unlock a new area of ​​personal interest.

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    food security

    If you and your family are going through tough times financially, gardening and growing vegetables is one way to ensure that you and your loved ones have access to safe, clean, and nutritious food at all times. With the proper technique, you can even stock your own vegetables and feed your family. You can grow useful herbs and vegetables using even the smallest space you have.

    So if you can do gardening at home then definitely do it because it not only keeps you mentally and physically healthy but also helps the environment a lot.

    English Summary: know the reasons why you should grow your own vegetables Published on: 01 January 2023, 11:19 IST

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