Grow dragon fruit easily in a pot, know the complete method Gardening Tips For New Starter

Many people like gardening at balcony, and it’s easy to learn why. Growing your own flowers, herbs, and veggies may be a fulfilling activity that makes you feel accomplished and satisfied. There are many tips and tactics to help you get the most out of your gardening efforts, whether you are an experienced gardener or are just getting started. We’ll provide you some helpful home gardening information in this post to get you started on your gardening adventure. These suggestions can assist you in quickly growing a wholesome and fruitful garden, from picking the ideal area to harvesting your plants at the ideal moment.

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  • If you also want to earn good money from dragon fruits in the market, then you can easily plant this plant in the pot of the house, just you will have to do this work….

    All of you must have seen dragon fruit. The more beautiful it is in appearance, the more are the benefits of this fruit. According to a report, good sources of antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin B, proteins and carbohydrates are found in it. This is a cactus variety plant. For this reason, these plants require very less amount of water. The price of dragon fruit in the market is very high. If you also want to earn well in the market by planting dragon plants. Then this article is for you…

    So let’s know..

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    Follow this method to plant dragon fruit in pot

    For your information, let us tell you that it takes about 4 to 5 years to get the crop from the dragon plant. If you plant this plant in your house, then you have to collect red soil, cocopeat, compost and sand in the potting mix. Keep in mind that if you make cuttings of this fruit, leave it open for 4 days before planting, so that it will dry completely. Then you plant its plant in a pot. Once the cuttings are joined together in the pot, then you water the soil in it.

    Essentials for plant growth

    After planting the plant in the pot, keep it at such a place. Where sunlight comes in well. Dragon fruit grows quickly in the sun. Water this plant only when its soil starts drying. When the plant starts growing. So it needs some support. That’s why put a stick in the pot and tie this plant to it.

    dragon plant care

    • 15-24 inch wide and 10-12 inch deep pots are considered best for dragon plant. There should also be two or three drain holes in the pot.
    • Aphids and ants are plant infecting pests found in dragon plant. To deal with this problem, you should use organic insecticides that are easily available in the market. So that this plant can flourish well.
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    • You can easily grow dragon plant in anything. For this, you just have to have the right information about dragon fruit.

    English Summary: easily grown dragon fruit in pot Published on: 20 March 2022, 04:12 IST

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