Honey Flowers: Bees are most attracted to these flowers, they are effective for beekeeping. Gardening Tips For New Starter

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honeyBees get attracted to these flowers and give honey

Honey is full of many qualities. It has a good demand in the market, so farmers have turned to beekeeping. Flowers with good pollen are most important for beekeeping. Today in this article we are telling you which are the best flowers for beekeeping, which flowers attract bees.

Let us know why it is important to choose the right flowers?

Bees make honey by sucking the nectar of flowers. Bees take juice and pollen from flowers, juice ie nectar is located in the depth of flowers. And the pollen (yellow dust) that is scattered over the flowers is located near the stamens. Bees keep this juice in their stomach and come back to the hive, they give this juice to the bees who chew it. Those bees chew this juice. Meanwhile, their enzymes convert the juice into a substance that includes honey with water. The bees then pour the substance into the honeycombs, whereupon the water evaporates and honey remains. That’s why such flowers should be planted, which have nectar and pollen in good quantity and which attract bees.

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Let us know the flowers useful for beekeeping-

1) Sunflower

This flower attracts bees. Bees are attracted by yellow colour. Bees take its juice.

2) Bee Bom’s Flower

It is called the flower of bees. Butterflies also like it. It becomes a favorite of bees during the spring period. Bees love to be on this plant all the time.

3) lavender flower

Bees come to the flowers of this plant and get a good amount of pollen.

4) Roses

Bees like it. Also, it is easy to plant them on the farm. A good alternative to flowers used in beekeeping.

5) Marigold

The yellow color of marigold attracts flies. Bee keeping farmers mainly use this flower.

6) Blue Coneflower

It flowers in the middle of summer, due to which it provides nectar to bees for a long time.

7) Crocus flower

It is also called saffron flower. Even the squirrel leaves it alone. Due to which the bees take juice without any harm.

8) Foxglove Flower

Bees are very attracted to this flower and take pollen.

9) Grape Hyacinth Flower

It looks like a small bulb that beautifies your garden with its blue color and fragrance, naturally attracting bees.

10) Salvia flower

This flower comes in a variety of colors such as purple, blue and red, all types of salvia attract bees and work favorably for them and your garden.

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11) Chives Flowers

These flowers provide the first nectar to bees after winter. They are also easy to grow and bees sit a lot on this flower.

12) Black Eyed Susan

It is a favorite plant of bees. Bright yellow color attracts flies. Bees enjoy sucking nectar.

Apart from these flowers, bees also collect pollen from mustard, celery, lemon, brinjal flowers etc. You can do beekeeping by planting these flowers as well as trade flowers on the side. This will result in double profit.

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