How to save pomegranate fruit from bursting Gardening Tips For New Starter

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Pomegranate is successfully cultivated in many areas of the country. Pomegranate has three springs. Flowers appear in Mrig Bahar in the month of June-July, Hast Bahar in September-October and Ambe Bahar in the month of February-March. Commercially only one spring is taken in a year. In areas where there is no irrigation facility, crops are taken from Mrig Bahar and when irrigation facilities are available, fruits are taken from Ambe Bahar. Irrigation is stopped 2 months before the arrival of flowers in the spring from which fruits are to be collected. Pomegranate plants have amazing ability to tolerate dry and hot climate. Hot and dry climate is required at the time of development and ripening of fruits, so pomegranate grown in North West climate is considered to be of good quality but farmers face the common problem of fruit cracking. After the ripening of the fruit, there is a huge drop in the price of the fruit and the quality of the fruit also deteriorates, due to which the farmer has to bear the economic loss. So let’s know why fruits burst and what can be remedied.

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Causes of Fruit Burst

There can be many reasons for bursting of fruits. Such as sudden stoppage of irrigation, sudden change in soil temperature, deficiency of elements like boron and calcium, blowing of hot air while ripening of fruits etc. causes the problem of bursting of fruits.

Measures to prevent pomegranate burst

1. Increasing soil water holding capacity

The water holding capacity of sandy soil of dry areas is very less, because the amount of organic matter is very less found in this type of land. Therefore, the water holding capacity can be increased by the coordinated use of cow dung manure and organic mulch. Due to which the problem of fruit cracking can be solved.

2. Selection of resistance varieties

Where there is more problem of pomegranate fruit cracking, it is better to plant resistant varieties like Nasik, Dholka, Jalore Seedless, Bedana Bosek.

3. Time of irrigation

Pomegranate plants should not be irrigated suddenly after a long time and in high temperature.

By doing this, the problem of bursting of pomegranate has been observed.

4. Early harvesting

The problem of bursting of large sized fruits is mostly found. Therefore by early harvesting of fruits

Bursting can be prevented.

5. Spray fertilizers

To prevent bursting of pomegranate fruits, two spraying of Boron at the rate of 2 grams per liter of water should be done at an interval of 15 days. Due to which the problem of bursting can be controlled. Apart from this, chemicals like calcium sulphate, zinc sulphate and copper sulphate are also helpful in protecting fruits from cracking. Spraying of potassium sulphate also results in less fruits.

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6. Save the fruits from the rains

To protect pomegranate fruits from rain water, the fruits should be covered with a plastic hydrophobic film. There is a sudden difference in the temperature of the fruit due to the rain drops, due to which there is a problem of bursting of the fruit.

7. Fruit harvesting method

Pomegranates burst when they fall on the ground while plucking, so mulching should be done on the ground or different tools should be used so that there is less damage when plucking the fruits.

8. Using salt or sugar solution

Sprinkle salt and sugar solution on pomegranate fruits, due to which the osmotic capacity of the fruit will not fluctuate and the fruit can be saved from bursting.

Spray hormone

Spraying of 2,4-D and NAA at 10 to 20 ppm (.001- .002%) should be done to protect pomegranate fruits from cracking.

Use tree for Wind speed breaker

To avoid bursting of fruits in high windy areas, a row of wind block trees should be planted in the north-west direction. So that the hot air does not damage the fruits. Trees like Robusta, Jamun, Sheesham, Safeda etc. can be used.

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