Indoor Plants: Take proper care of indoor plants at home Gardening Tips For Beginners

Many people like gardening at kitchen, and it’s easy to understand why. Growing your own flowers, herbs, and veggies may be a fulfilling activity that makes you feel accomplished and satisfied. There are many tips and methods to help you get the most out of your gardening efforts, whether you are an experienced gardener or are just getting started. We’ll provide you some useful home gardening advice in this post to get you started on your gardening adventure. These suggestions can assist you in quickly growing a wholesome and fruitful garden, from picking the ideal area to harvesting your plants at the ideal moment.

indoor plantsindoor plants

Trees and plants have great importance in our life. They not only give us oxygen, but we get all kinds of fruits, flowers, herbs and woods from plants only. By planting trees around the house, heat is avoided, as well as cool air is available.

Therefore, we all can try to have trees and plants around us. If there is a lack of space, plant trees and plants on your balcony or terrace, even in pots. Although, most of the people want to have trees and plants in their house but they do not have that much space. Especially in big cities where life has been reduced to flats. In this case, you can plant indoor plants in your house.

Indoor plants are such plants which you can plant in the shade inside the house. These not only increase the greenery in the house, but some plants also purify the air. In view of the increasing air pollution, people are planting indoor plants in their homes and offices. So read this article to know how to take proper care of house plants.

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Protect plants from sunlight

Plants make their food from the sunlight, so the plants kept inside your house should be kept in such a place where there is little sunlight. But keep in mind that keep the plants in the sun only for a short time, otherwise the leaves of the plant may burn due to excessive sunlight.

Choose the Right Manure for Plants

Plants get the necessary nutrition only through fertilizers, so choose the right fertilizer for your plant and give it the right amount of fertilizer.

Timely cutting of plants

By the way, there is no need to sort the plants planted in the house. If the plant planted in your pot is growing beyond the size of the pot, then you can cut your plant. By cutting the plants, their length increases.

Give water on time to the plants

Like we take bath daily to keep our body clean and to protect it from diseases. Similarly, we should take care of our plants like a child because they are very delicate. Therefore, from time to time, to protect your plants, wash their leaves with water once a week. If insects are seen sticking on the leaves or stems of the plant, then the work of washing them with water can be done daily. You will see that in a few days the insects will be completely gone.

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Transfer of plants from one pot to another

When the potted plant grows, then its root needs more space to grow. Therefore, pay special attention to the fact that when your plant starts growing, you should plant it in another big pot. By doing this, the growth of your plant will be good.

Ways to take care of indoor plants at home

Use homemade insecticide for good care of indoor plants, this will keep your plants healthy and well taken care of. So let’s tell which insecticides you have to use, along with this, learn how to make insecticide medicine at home-

Malathion solution

If green or black insects are seen in the leaves of your plant, then mix malathion solution in water and sprinkle it on the plant. Spraying should be done on new shoots, because insects often hide there. The ratio of malathion should be according to the instructions on its box. Top and bottom surface of leaves should be washed thoroughly

Horticulture Oil

To make horticulture oil at home, take one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid. Put it in one liter of water. After that put one spoon of canola oil/soybean oil in the water. And mix well. Your horticulture oil is ready. You can sprinkle it on plants without using baking powder.

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