Know how seed starting mix is ​​beneficial for seed planting Gardening Tips For New Starter

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Sowing seeds in seed starting mix is ​​more beneficial than starting them directly in the soil. Often we plant the seeds in normal soil, which causes them to spoil or the sprouted plants are weak. In fact, the proper conditions are not obtained for the seeds to germinate in the soil, causing the weak seeds to spoil and some good seeds to fail to grow, so the seed starting mix is ​​prepared for planting them. It is a mixture made by mixing different ingredients, which contains a rich amount of nutrients for all potted plants in the vegetable garden. Planting seeds in this mixture will make the plants healthy and disease free. However, apart from this, there are many benefits of planting seeds in the Organic Seed Starting Mix / Seedling Mix, which we will tell you about in this article.

Read the full article to know what is seed starting mix, why this seed starting mix is ​​used for growing seeds in home garden and its benefits.

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What is Seed Starting Mix – What is Seed Starting Mix

Seedling mix is ​​a growing medium specially formulated for planting and growing seeds in containers or seedling trays. It is usually a mixture of various materials such as cow dung, vermicompost, vermiculite, perlite, mustard cake, neem cake and cocopeat, etc., which provide a light, well-drained and nutrient-rich environment for the seeds to germinate and grow. In addition, it also contains extra nutrients that help with healthy growth of young plants and inhibit the growth of pathogens.

You can buy organic seed starter mix from the market or online or you can make your own seed starter mix at home.

Now let us know- What are the benefits of planting seeds in a seed starting mix?

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Benefits Of Planting Seeds In Seed Starting Mix – Benefits Of Planting Seeds In Seed Starting Mix

Seed starting mix is ​​generally used in vegetable garden to grow plants successfully, besides there are many benefits of planting seeds in seed starting mix which are as follows:-

  • It has better seed germination.
  • It is a nutrient rich mixture.
  • It is made by sterilizing (disinfecting).
  • This hand blender is easy to use.
  • Seed starting mix is ​​versatile.

Better Seed Germination – Better seed germination in seed starting mix

The biggest benefit of planting seeds in a seed starting mix is ​​that it results in faster and better seed germination, this mix is ​​lightweight, has good drainage, aeration and good moisture retention, which aids in rapid and uniform germination of seeds. provide a favorable environment for germination.

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Nutrient Rich – Seed Starting Mix is ​​a nutrient rich mixture

Seed starter mix is ​​generally made from a mixture of ingredients, i.e. organic fertilizers and fertilizers, which are nutrient-rich, so that it provides the nutrients needed for seed germination and to keep the seedlings healthy and strong.

Startmix is ​​​​a sterilized mixture

During the preparation of this mixture, it is sterilized to remove harmful bacteria, fungi and insects. These bacteria can damage the young seedlings while preparing the seedlings. So the advantage of planting seeds in the seed starting mix is ​​that this sterilized mix helps to protect the seedlings from disease and keep them healthy.

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EASY TO USE – Seed Starting Mix is ​​easy to use for sowing seeds

One of the benefits of using seedling mix/starting mix is ​​that the mix is ​​light and crumbly, making it easy to fill into grow bags or seedling trays and to move pots or grow bags filled with seedling mix from one place to another Can be easily carried to Seed Starting Mix facilitates the planting process, which also saves time when planting seeds.

VERSATILE – Using organic seed starter mix is ​​versatile

Organic Seed Starting Mix is ​​used to plant seeds of various types of plants, to make them grow well and to provide favorable growing conditions, so that small plants can grow well. Thus, seed starting mixes become a better and more versatile option for gardeners when starting a garden.

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In this article you have come to know what is organic seed starting mix, advantages or benefits of planting/sowing seeds in this mix and why seeding mix is ​​used for planting seeds. If you liked this article, please share it with your friends and tell us your suggestions related to the article in the comments.