Pests / insects in tomato and ways to get rid of them Gardening Tips For Beginners

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Tomato is a plant that has to deal with many pests from the time of seedling preparation to maturity and even until the tomato is on the plant. This plant is susceptible to diseases and pests, making it necessary to ensure that it is protected from insects. Most people do not know about the insects that are found in tomato so that they can apply the correct pest identification and method of prevention. If you want to know what are the pests that affect the tomato plant, then this article is just for you where we will tell you what are the pests / insects in the tomato plant and how to protect the plant from pests. Read the article completely to learn how to get rid of tomato worms. (Insect Of Tomato Plant)

Insects in tomato plant – Large insect pest of tomato

To protect your tomato plant from pests, let us know how to identify these pests. Some of the pests and their symptoms in the tomato plant are as follows:-

  • Aphids
  • Cutworms
  • Beetles
  • Root knot nematodes
  • Hornworm
  • Snails And Snails
  • spider mites
  • Tomato fruit worms
  • White fly
  • thrips

Aphids – Aphids harm tomato plant

These are small black, white and green colored flying insects that suck the sap from the leaves and stems of tomato plants, stunting plant growth. It’s hard to spot one or two numbers of these insects, but as their numbers increase you can see them instantly. Aphid infestation is first observed on the lower surface of the leaves and on the new growth of the plant.

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Cutworm – Cutworms are a pest of tomato plant

Cutworms are soil-dwelling caterpillars, which are cream and brown in color. These insects damage the stems of tomatoes. In fact, these pests can spoil the entire tomato crop, ie the plant, in a very short time. Since these insects are located at the base of the stem, they can be detected by looking at the stems of the plant.

Beetle – Harmful insects of tomato plant beetles

Different types of beetles cause damage to tomato plants such as Flea Beetles, Blister Beetles, Colorado and Potato Beetles etc. Although they differ in appearance such as flea beetles are black, blister beetles are black with red heads, Colorado potato beetles and potato beetles have black and yellow stripes. Some of these insects cause little damage to the plant and some destroy the entire plant.

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Root knot nematodes – Root knot nematodes for tomato plants

These are insects that damage tomato roots, which are in the ground. Although there are many types of nematodes, only root knot nematodes cause damage to tomatoes. These nematodes form knots in the roots of the plant, which block the way of nutrients to the plant. Since they live in the ground, it is difficult to track them down. But if you see the color of the plant fading, then this can be detected by checking their roots.

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Hornworm – Hornworm is a harmful tomato plant insect

It is a green colored caterpillar with V-shaped black or white stripes on its body. An adult hornworm quickly feeds on the leaves and stems of a tomato. Due to the excessive effect of these pests, the entire tomato plant is destroyed. Hornworms leave black spots on the leaves, making them easy to spot.

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Slugs and Snails – Slugs and snails are insect pests of tomato plants

These are major pests in tomato, which can be detected by looking at them. Large numbers of these pests stunt the growth of young tomato plants.

Spider mites – Spider mites are a harmful pest for tomato plants

Spider mite or spider mite is one of the small insects in the tomato plant, which suck the sap from the leaves of the plant and build webs on these leaves. Early spider mite infestations are somewhat difficult to see on a plant, but when they become severe they can be detected by wilted leaves and a webbed structure.

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Fruit Worm – Tomato Plant Insect Fruit Worms

It is one of the most effective pests of tomato fruit, this caterpillar makes holes in tomato fruit and spoils it completely from the inside. This tomato pest can be identified by observing the white colored eggs (larvae) on the leaves.

Whitefly – Whitefly is a pest of tomato plant

Whiteflies affect tomato leaves, they resemble aphids in appearance, but are slightly larger in size. These flies suck the nutrients from the leaves, weakening the plant. The bright white wing of the fly makes them easy to see on the green leaves.

Thrips – Harmful pest of tomato plant thrips

Thrips are small, slender and flying insects that damage the plant through the virus they carry. Since these insects are very small, it is difficult to see them directly, so they can be detected by looking at the brown spots on the leaves.

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Now let us know – how to get rid of tomato worms?

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Ways to protect tomato plant from pests

If you have planted a tomato plant in your home, you can get rid of insects by taking the following measures:-

  • Check tomato plants regularly, especially on the undersides of the leaves, where pests often hide.
  • If you notice any signs of an insect, cut off and remove the affected area.
  • Plant pest-resistant varieties of tomatoes.
  • Plant beneficial insect attractants (flowering plants) next to your tomato plants that prey on harmful insects.
  • A mild spray of warm water can also remove tomato worms to some extent.
  • Spray organic insecticidal soap and neem oil on the leaves if the effect of insects is visible.
  • Some larger insects can be separated even by holding them by hand.
  • Provide adequate air circulation between tomato plants.
  • Some pests spread through weeds, so keep the plants clean.
  • Most pests are attracted to the stressed state of the plant, so take good care of your tomato plants.
  • Keep the pest-infected plant away from other plants.

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In this article, you learned what are the pests or insects that affect tomato plants, how to protect plants from insects, and how to get rid of tomato insects. If this article related to tomato pest has worked for you, please share it with your friends and let us know by commenting on the suggestions related to the article.