Special species of mango trees are planted by pen method Gardening Tips For Beginners

Many people like gardening at home, and it’s easy to learn why. Growing your own flowers, herbs, and veggies may be a fulfilling activity that makes you feel accomplished and satisfied. There are many tips and tactics to help you get the most out of your gardening efforts, whether you are an experienced gardener or are just getting started. We’ll provide you some useful home gardening information in this post to get you started on your gardening adventure. These suggestions can assist you in quickly growing a wholesome and fruitful garden, from picking the ideal area to harvesting your plants at the ideal moment.

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  • Mango is called the king of fruits. It is also the national fruit of . Mango is one of the ancient fruits of our country. It is called the king of fruits in our country because of its nutritious, sweet and easily available to everyone.

    Mango TreeMango Tree

    Mango is called the king of fruits. It is also the national fruit of . Mango is one of the ancient fruits of our country. It is called the king of fruits in our country because of its nutritious, sweet and easily available to everyone. Mango trees can be planted in all types of soil in our country and it is adapted to almost all types of climate. Once a mango tree is planted, it bears fruit for three to four decades. That’s why once you plant a mango tree with hard work, it keeps on yielding fruits for years. Commercially also, the mango tree is beneficial for the farmers. Farmers can earn a lot of income by doing mango gardening. So let us provide you some special information about the special method of planting commercially profitable mango trees.

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    pen preparation method

    Mango tree is also prepared from mango seed only. But mango tree is not of advanced variety when prepared from seed. On preparing a tree from seed, it may not be a tree of that species whose root is mango. That’s why cutting method is used to prepare trees of advanced variety and special species. To prepare the pen, you must have a 6-month-old sapling prepared from any mango kernel (seed). It is considered good to prepare this plant in a pot. But it is not necessary that the plant has been prepared in the pot itself. Along with this, a thin polythene of any kind in the form of tape and a sharp knife will also be needed to cut the plant. To prepare the pen, you must first select which species of mango tree to plant.

    Let us assume that we have to plant a Maldah (lame) mango tree. For this, a branch (branch) of two feet will have to be cut from anywhere in the Maldah mango tree. Similarly, if you want to plant Dussehri or Gulabkhaska mango tree, then you will have to cut a branch of two feet from the same tree. The color of the branch should be light green, that means it should not be very old. First cut all the leaves of that branch with a knife. After that, cut the plant prepared from any mango seed which is 6 months old. In this order, it has to be kept in mind that both the plant prepared from kernels and the branch cut from Maldah mango or any other species tree should have the same thickness. Now the plant which is prepared from kernels and whose upper part has been cut off, that cut part is kept 3 to 4 cm from the middle. Will have to cut with a knife. After this, one end of the branch of the species of which mango plant is to be prepared, in such a way that it can be easily planted in the middle of the cut part of the plant with kernels peeled from both sides.

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    Cut one end of the branch by 3 to 4 cm. Peel it from both the sides and apply it from above in the middle of the plant prepared from kernels. Plant the said branch in such a way that there is no empty space in between and merge the cut part and the peeled part of the branch into each other. Now this joint part is separated from the polythene by 6 cm. From bottom to 6 cm. Tie it till the top. Tie the part connected with polythene by wrapping it two to three times in such a way that it becomes a bit thick. Now wrap a tape over that polythene and tie it in such a way that no air of any kind can go inside it. After this, leave it for 2 months for the mango cutting to be ready. The place where the pen is prepared should be shaded.

    Within two months, two different branches will join together. Only after one month it will be seen that new leaves have started coming out of the branch which was cut from outside. This means that both the branches have joined each other. Do not open the tied part for two months. After two months, if you open the tied part and see, then both the parts must have joined together. The joining of both the branches means that the pen is ready. Now you can plant that tree in any field. This tree will be of the same species whose branch has been cut and joined with the mango seed plant. This is also called Kalmi mango.

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    English Summary: Mango trees of particular species are planted by kalam method Published on: 16 June 2020, 06:43 IST

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