This is how to protect okra from harmful insects… Gardening Tips For Novice

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Okra is the main crop of , which is successfully cultivated in different regions. Due to its high nutritional value, consuming okra is beneficial for people of all age groups. It is rich in magnesium, potassium, vitamins A, B and carbohydrates. Since it is very popular among the consumers, it fetches a good market price. Due to which the farmers are benefited and they get encouragement for its cultivation. But there is an outbreak of many types of insects in the okra crop, which destroy a large part of the yield, so in the presented article, information has been given for the farmer brothers about the pests and prevention of these crops, by taking advantage of which they can Appropriate techniques can be adopted to manage these problems.

Green Oil:- These insects are greenish yellow in colour. Its babies and adults suck the juice by staying on the lower surface of the leaves. Their outbreak occurs from May to September. Due to sucking the juice, the leaves turn yellow and the edges turn upwards and make a cup shape. If the infestation of this pest increases, the leaves get burnt and wither and dry up.

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Management:- Seed treatment should be done to save the crop from oil. Imidacloprid 70w for seed treatment. S. 5 g or Krueger 35 F. S. Take at the rate of 5.7 grams per kilogram of seed.

Before treatment, soak the seeds in water for 6 to 12 hours. Now dry this soaked seed in the shade for half an hour to 1 hour, when it dries, add the mentioned medicine and mix it well.

Actara 25W for prevention of green oil in standing crop of okra. Yes. Did. Make a solution by mixing 40 grams quantity in 150-200 liters of water and then sprinkle this solution at the rate of per acre.

When the okra bears fruits and it has been grown for eating, then 300-500 ml. Malathion 50 EC Make a solution by mixing it in 200-300 liters of water and sprinkle it at the rate of per acre at an interval of 15 days.

Whitefly:- These are micro-sized insects and both the infant and adults of these insects damage the crop by sucking the juice from the lower surface. Due to which the growth of the plant decreases and the yield decreases. They also spread yellow vein mosaic (jaundice) disease.

Management:- Do not plant okra crop near cotton.

Weeds like kandhi buti, if grown nearby, should be uprooted.

Seed treatment 5 g Imidacloprid 70 w. S. or the 5.7 gram Kruger 35 F.S. Take and treat at the rate of per kilogram of seed. Before treating the seeds, soak the seeds in water for 6 to 12 hours. Dry the soaked seeds in the shade for half an hour and mix the above mentioned medicine in the seeds well.

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If seed is not treated then Actara 25W. Yes. Take 40 grams of an insecticide called Thiamethoxam. Mix it in 150-200 liters of water and sprinkle it at the rate of per acre. If necessary, spray it again at an interval of 20 days.

Ashtapadi:- These mites live on the lower surface of the leaves of plants by making large number of colonies. Its infants and adults suck the juice from the lower surface of the leaves. Small white spots appear on the affected leaves. This mite makes a web on the leaves. In case of severe infestation, the entire plant dries up and dies.

Management:- For the management of red mite, prompt 20 EC should be used. Its 300 ml. Do two sprays per acre at an interval of 10 days.

Spotted stem and fruit borer:- The outbreak of this pest is more from June to October. This caterpillar is in the shape of a cylinder. There are light yellow orange, brown spots on its body. In the initial stage, these caterpillars keep on growing inside by making holes in the buds, due to which the buds wither and dry up, later these caterpillars damage the buds and fruits, flowers. It makes a hole in the fruit and enters inside and eats the anus. Due to which the fruits get affected by insects and the okra is not edible.

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Management:- Stems and fruits of damaged plants should be collected and destroyed.

Install 5 pheromone traps per hectare to monitor fruit borer.

400-500 ml when the fruit starts. Malathion 50 EC 75-80ml Spinosad 45 sc Mix it in 200 liters of water and spray it per acre. Repeat this three times at a gap of 15 days.

In time, after plucking insect affected shoots and fruits, bury them deep in the soil or burn them.

Rumi Rawal and Krishna Rollanian, Department of Entomology,

Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar.

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