What is papain and how to prepare papain from papaya Gardening Tips For Beginners

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  • Papaya is a healthy and digestive fruit rich in nutrients. Papaya being rich in vitamins ‘A’ and ‘C’ increases the body’s immunity, as well as the beta-carotene present in it is beneficial for the health of the eyes.


    Papaya is a healthy and digestive fruit rich in nutrients. Papaya being rich in vitamins ‘A’ and ‘C’, increases the immunity of the body, as well as the beta-carotene present in it is beneficial for the health of the eyes. Ripe fruits of papaya are used to make fruits, marmalade, jam and The fruit is made in the form of shake. Due to this fruit being a good digestive, it is very beneficial for children, pregnant women, old people and sick people. Due to the presence of its fiber, cholesterol can be kept under control and heart and diabetes patients. It is also considered good for The juice of the leaves is useful in treating dengue.

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    Use and importance of papain

    The substance dried after extracting white juice or milk from green and unripe papaya fruits is called papain. Papain is a digestive enzyme mainly used for tenderizing meat, digesting proteins, clarifying beverages, making chewing gum, in paper factories, manufacturing medicines, making cosmetics, etc. Papain Medicines made from it are useful in the treatment of stomach ulcers, diarrhea, eczema, liver diseases, cancer. Due to papain obtained from raw papaya being an expensive product, more profit can be taken by production.

    Major varieties for papain production

    Pusa Majesty: It is a bisexual variety, it bears female and bisexual flowers, which means that each plant bears fruits. The plant starts bearing fruits from about 60-65 cm height. About 460 grams of papain can be obtained from one plant per year.

    Coimbatore no. 2: Its fruits are of medium size and light green-yellow in color. The color of its pulp is red. Its papain production per year is 420-450 grams per plant.

    Coimbatore no. 5 and Coimbatore no. 6: This variety is superior in papain production. Its fruits are of medium size. Its pulp is red and papain production is 440-480 grams per year.

    Appropriate time to extract the papain

    To get maximum papain, it is necessary that papain should be removed before sunrise. By the way, it is also good to remove papain between 6-9 in the morning.

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    Papain Extract Method

    To obtain papain, about 3 mm from the side of the petiole on 3-month-old fruits. 4-5 incisions of depth are made in length. Immediately after incision, milk starts coming out from the fruit, due to which it should be collected in an earthen or aluminum vessel. In this way, milk can be extracted by making incision 12 to 15 times in the whole duration of the fruit. Cut fruits are allowed to ripen, which taste like normal fruits, but due to discoloration, it is natural to decrease in market demand. Or use these fruits in the form of jam, marmalade, tutri-frutti and fruit shake. can be done.

    Preparation of papain

    The collected milk is put in a wide vessel and dried in the sun or at 50-60 degree Celsius temperature. A little (350 ppm) potassium metabai sulphide is added to liquid milk. With this, papain can be kept safe for a long time. In this way, by making powder from latex, it can be kept well in 200 gauge polythene packets in safe and shady cool places for 6-7 months.

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