Why pollination is necessary in plants, know its importance Gardening Tips For Novice

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For any plant to complete its life cycle, pollination is very important, due to pollination, there are changes in the plant such as flowering, fruiting and seeding. If there is no pollination in the plant, it will grow, but it will not flower well and will not form seeds. If you have planted fruits, flowers and vegetables in your vegetable garden then it is very important for you to know what pollination or pollination is, why it is important in plants so that you can get more fruits and vegetables from those plants. be able to

We are going to answer these questions written above in this article in which you will also know the types of pollination in plants and the importance or benefits of pollination for plants in the garden.

What is Pollination?

When the pollen is transferred from the anther (male part) of the plant to the stigma (female part) of the plant, the process of fruiting or seed formation begins in those plants, that is, this whole process of pollen transfer. from one place to another is completed. The process is called pollination. Pollination is often done through a medium such as wind, water and insects.

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In other words, the process of formation of fruit or seed from the flower of a plant is called pollination, if there is no pollination in plants then seed formation is not possible.

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Why is pollination important in plants?

Pollination is very important for any flower to bloom for a long time and for the formation of seeds after flowering. If there is no pollination in the plant, the flowers will bloom, but they will be smaller than usual and drop very quickly, preventing them from becoming seeds.

If we talk about vegetable plants, then due to lack of pollination, the flowers fall before the formation of fruits, which prevents the plant from producing vegetables.

Types of Pollination – Types of Pollination

There are two types of pollination in plants:-

  • Self-pollination – When the exchange of pollen takes place in a flower, it is called self-pollination.
  • Cross Pollination – This process of pollination when seeds of two flowers i.e. pollen is transferred from one flower to another is called cross pollination.
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    Importance Of Pollination For Garden – Importance Of Pollination For Plants

    Now that you know what pollination is, now let us know: why is pollination important in the garden? Following are some of the benefits of pollination in plants:-

    Beneficial for the environment – ​​Pollination is beneficial for the environment

    Pollination is important for both plants and the environment, as all plant seeds are formed during this process. If these seeds are not formed, there will be a shortage of plants on the ground, so the cycle of converting carbon dioxide into oxygen will not be completed, so pollination is very important to maintain the balance of the environment.

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    Better taste of fruits and vegetables – Useful for better taste of fruits and vegetables through pollination

    Pollination in plants makes fruits and vegetables taste better. Sometimes you must have seen the plant bearing fruits, but their taste seems weak when eating, then it may be due to lack of pollination.

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    Production of good quality seeds through pollination

    Pollination is very important in the formation of good quality seed because if the pollination is done well in the plants, even the seeds are not fully developed in them and when we plant those seeds to prepare a new plant. it may not grow at all or it may take a long time to grow.

    Helpful in fruit growth and development – Pollination essential in fruit growth and development

    Pollination is most important for fruit growth and development. Although it is not possible for a plant to bear fruit without pollination, but if this process is incomplete, the fruit will not develop fully.

    Important for flower plants – Pollination is important for flower plants

    Pollination is very important in flowering plants as each flower is small in size initially and if pollination takes place in that flower then it starts developing properly and blooms fully. On the contrary, due to a lack of pollination, that flower withers and falls off after some time.

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    High fruit production – Pollination is important for the production of large amounts of fruit

    Suppose a plant has 10 flowers, if pollination takes place in 8 of these flowers, the plant will bear 8 fruits. On the contrary, the 2 flowers that are not pollinated will fall after some time, that is, they will not bear fruit. Therefore, the more pollination the plant has, the more fruits will be produced.

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    In this article, you learned what pollination or pollination is, why pollination is necessary in plants, and about the importance of pollination or benefits of pollination for plants in the garden. Hope you liked this article, whatever suggestions you have regarding the article, let us know by commenting.